SME’s Fund Raising

SME’s Fund Raising

Corporate Term Loans

A strong business is built on long-term financing, and so we help our clients based across multiple industries secure cost effective and consistent Term Loans to help robustly grow their business.

Working Capital Finance

We believe that Working Capital is the bloodline of every business, and so we help our clients in attaining the most suitable and cost effective forms of Working Capital, be it CC facilities, Bill Discounting, etc.

Overdraft Facilities

We strive to provide maximum flexibility to our clients, and by arranging the most flexible and cost effective Overdraft Facilities we help them carry out business operations smoothly.

General Corporate Mortgage

Companies are able to convert their illiquid assets into liquid finance to service varied business requirements, as we help our clients secure cost-effective General Corporate Mortgages.

Business Loans

Every promoter has a unique vision but requires business loan for new business. We assist our clients in realising their vision by helping them secure the most versatile and cost-effective business loans.

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