Real Rstate Fund Raising

Real Estate Fund Raising

Debt, Private Equity and Mezzanine Finance

As a developing real estate fundraising company across cities such as Pune & Mumbai (India), we help structure and procure the tailor-made financing that your project needs, be it Debt, Private Equity or Mezzanine Finance. Our strong and longstanding associations with Banks, NBFCs and PE Funds has helped make this our marque specialization and we help our clients secure the best forms of such financing.

Construction Finance for SRA Projects, Redevelopment and Freehold Projects

No matter the category of Real Estate Project – SRA, Redevelopment or Freehold, we have established track record and expertise in securing the specific finance that your unique project needs.

Refinancing of High Cost loans with Low cost options

We believe that the cost of finance is just as important as the finance itself, so we help our clients to reduce the costs of their existing financing, be it Debt, Private Equity or Mezzanine Finance.

Structuring JVs and Partnerships

The road to success is built through collaboration, and so we help our clients form mutually beneficial Joint Venture partnerships with investors and other developers to help them grow their business exponentially.

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